7 Reasons Why for the Plus Ultra Climbing Bag

1. Spacious Design

For all your chalk freeloading friends! Our custom-made bags are 9" x 8" x 9" (H x W x L) which means it could store all the chalk you need and more. 

2. Customizable Canvas

Our customers love to decorate and design their bags with print roll-ons or pins. 
Plus Ultra Climbing Bag Lifestyle Red Rocks Outdoor Bouldering Grey and Red

3. Adjustable Strap

Hang it on any backpack or shoulder (don't worry it's not weird).

4. Reinforced Interior

We got tired of our chalk bags flopping over so we went out and designed our own. Our bags are lined with extra stitching on the interior for a sturdy base.

5. Storage Wizard

Time to finally have your pockets and hands free. With front storage and a back zipper pocket to keep your small items, it will carry your phone, brushes, tape, and more while you climb.

6. It's a real stunner
The Plus Ultra Climbing Bag is—simply put—stunning. It’s cute enough to leave on your crash pad in between routes and follow you anywhere from couch to crag.

7. Small Batch Supply

Are we the next Supreme? Most likely not. We are doing limited drops for these bags so get them while you can. We've only made 250 of each color and they're selling out quick!